Biking and the coming elections

I am issuing a CHALLENGE to all candidates in the coming May 14 elections.

I will vote for the senator, governor, mayor, congressman, councilor and other legitimate candidates for any and all positions, who promise and of course, fulfill after being elected:

  1. To promote the use of the bicycle;
  2. Remove all obstacles to implementing the Philippine Clean Air Act;
  3. Put up bike racks/parking in all government owned buildings;
  4. Seek free access to parking in privately owned businesses;
  5. Encourage private companies to offer bike plans (as compared to car plans) so more employees can have bicycles; put up more facilities for bikers such as full shower rooms, guarded parking space, lockers, and other incentives to promote bike to work;
  6. Enact laws that will protect the biker’s rights, in the use of the streets and other basic rights;
  7. Punish those drivers who think bikes and bikers do not belong to the road because they think that bikers do not pay taxes, and so they push them to the side of the road;
  8. Bring to justice those drivers who do not show respect to bikers by blasting their horns while driving behind them;
  9. Have a national bike to work day;
  10. Have a car-less day at least once a year in the whole of Metro Manila;
  11. Impose stoppage of the importation of used diesel engines whose smoke pollutes our air;
  12. Apprehend and impound all smoke belchers.

In return for all of these, I also promise to campaign for them, even using my own personal resources for this purpose. The candidate who can promise to fulfill all of this I will consider my personal hero, a hero of the new millenium. He or she will be remembered a thousand years from now as the one who started the trend towards recognizing the lowly bicycle as the transport of this age.


To all the candidates, please consider this in your speeches.

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