Marikina Bike Lanes Anyone?

marikina bike lane 5

Marikina, the city where I live has become well known for various things: the shoe capital of the Philippines; one of the cleanest cities of the country in the past years; and more recently, as a bike friendly city. Several kilometers of bike lanes have been constructed, supposedly to help bikers be more safe in their biking pursuits. I myself have used them, but with some misgivings. I could argue both for or against them, but you be the judge, after viewing these pictures.

marikina bike lane 4

It seems that not all residents are bike friendly or consider bike lanes as belonging to bikers. Drivers park with impunity at these bike lanes and doesn’t seem to mind that they are displacing the bikers who are the legitimate users.

marikina bike lane

marikina bike lane 2

Jeepney driver versus biker: who will win?

markina bike lane 3

A handsome pair of a jeepney and a tricycle on a bike lane.

9 responses to “Marikina Bike Lanes Anyone?

  1. Hello! Stumbled upon your blog. Really nice!

    Anyway, I frequent Marikina for the bike shops coming from Katipunan area. When I’m there, I make it a point to use the lanes as much as I can.

    What disturbs me is that there are some cyclists that don’t use the lanes. Sayang! Coming from John Wilkie going to Joven, I was using the bike lane on the left part of the road and then I saw a cyclist biking on the right side.

  2. I know the route you are referring to. You might be surprised/disappointed to hear from me that I myself don’t use that particular portion of Marikina’s bike lane. I made a post about this in the fireflybrigade forum and I will just paste it here.

    From the fireflybrigade forum:

    I’m from Marikina and I use my bike daily to go to work in a call center along C5, just near Red Ribbon. I really appreciate the bike lanes in this city but for me, not all of the sections of the bike lanes were thoroughly planned to actually be safe to use. There have been several instances when I was almost hit by a parked vehicle alongside the bike lanes, and since then I avoided using that particular section. I am referring to the one along J.P. Rizal (turning right after the bridge). The bike lane is laid out in such a way that it is along the side where vehicles are parked. This is most dangerous because the vehicle’s passengers could not see a biker coming behind them and if they get out of the vehicle without looking first if there is a biker coming, then, opening the door at the moment a biker is passing would certainly result in someone being injured, and most likely this would be the biker.
    This is what happened to me on one occasion, only I was able to brake in time just before I hit the open door. And in another occasion, just after John Wilkie bike shop where I just had my bottom bracket changed and I was road testing my bike, a jeepney almost hit me as it was easing itself out of the parking space, without looking behind him if it was clear to go forward.
    What I know is that a biker should position him/herself at least four feet away from a parked vehicle precisely to avoid being hit by it’s door if and when the passenger or driver suddenly decides to get out of the vehicle. This particular bike lane I am referring to does exactly the opposite. If you will follow the outline of the lane, you are forced bike alongside the parked vehicles, with no more than six (6) inches of clearance from the door. To avoid this danger, I either bike outside of the lane or position myself on the opposite side.

    Just expressing my disappointment about this much publicized Marikina bike lanes. (At least a part of it only) 😀

    thanks for your comment, Jovan.

  3. Hello..Good day…

    I’m a student from mindanao…I’m just glad that people in marikina are really concerned with the current situation of the transportation facilities being implemented in your place..
    I am just really interested with that “bike lanes” marikina is having now..

    i’m currently working on with my thesis related to transportation and it’s implementing also bike lanes in our place and your place is where i am basing my studies now..

    Hope that existing problems you are posting here would be responded by your city goverment.

    • Hi Cherizaunabia,
      Thanks for your comment. Marikina is indeed in the forefront of bike advocacy among cities in the Philippines. We are hoping that more cities, like yours, will follow.

    • I am also doing a research for bikeways. Will it be feasible to create tunnel-structured bikeways over infrastructures and under roadways to reduce traffic congestions and promote collision-safe environment for bicycle commuters or “bikers”?

  4. nag-bibisekleta po ako kanina along dian sa makati ng biglang ginitgit ako ng isang van, halos ipitin na nya ako kaya kinatok ko ang side nung van. nagalit ang driver at tinangka pa akong ipitin uli. kinuha ko ang plate number nya WFS715 at ginamit ko info text ng LTO, to my surprise the license plate was registered to an Opel Tigra 1998 silver. the tigra is a compact car, smantala ung gumitgit sa akin ay van almost like a kia pregio.i tried also WFS 751, baka kako nagkamali lng ako ng kopya but lumabas na isuzu hilander. mas cgurado ako ng wfs715 un. may dalawa akong concern, first is baka nakaw ung sasakyan o gumagamit ng fake na plate number, second is the safety of cyclists in our roads. madalas ko gamitin aking bike kesa kotse para makabawas sa volume ng sasakyan sa streets natin, makabawas sa pollution at makatipid, but kung wala pa rin respeto ang mga drivers sa mga cyclists wala mangyayari, mas lalong matatakot ang mga tao na gumamit ng bisikleta. sana marinig itong tawag ko, kay pres noy! may tiwala ako at maraming filipino sa’yo.

  5. I think you stumbled upon something serious there, johndefelipe, sabi mo nga baka nakaw o fake na plaka. But your most serious concern really is the safety of cyclists, which agree ako talaga. My solution, bike with a smile na lang palagi to avoid conflict but it doesn’t mean I don’t assert my rights pagdating sa kalsada. Meron talagang sira ulong drivers but there are educated ones din naman na kapag inunahan mo ng ngiti e ngingiti din at pagbibigyan ka. Pag may narinig akong humaharurot na sasakyan coming from behind, kusa na akong tumatabi kasi alam ko namang wala akong laban e. Salamat sa pagbisita.

    • Righto. Paano kung may driver pa na nanunutok ng baril pag nakaaway mo sa paggamit ng bike lanes sa Marikina? I know someone with that kind of temperament.

  6. Sa tingin ko po maglagay sila ng mga bars sa mga bicycle lane para talaga hindi maparadahan at madaanan ng mga sasakyan.

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