Work on Wheels

I bike to work, but these guys carry their daily work on their bikes.

work on bike 1

A pineapple vendor.

work on bike 2

An apple a day, keeps a biker healthy…

work on bike 3

Fishballs and other stuff plus election fever equals…


Can you see the watermelon in the sidecar?

bike on truck

This one takes the cake: bike on truck.

2 responses to “Work on Wheels

  1. incidentally, one cyclist in our group is a buko juice vendor, who on weekdays pedals a pedicab filled with coconuts and other implements. on sundays he rides with us on board his racer. he has a decent bike, but the guy is just too “praktisado” that even those with really good bikes can’t match his speed.

  2. Nakaka-adik kasi talaga magbike. Your system just won’t work efficiently kung walang padyak. Kaya kahit na laspag na ang katawan sa trabaho, and in his case, nasa bike pa rin ang trabaho niya, e sige pa rin. Iba rin talaga pag group ride, mas masaya, at hindi masyado nakakapagod.
    Did you read my message to you sa mybloglog?

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