Biking and the Environment

my bikeOne of the selfish reasons why I bike is that I get freebies in life: free ride to work and at the same time, I get my needed and necessary cardiovascular exercise.

But as I have written in another post, what started as a necessity has become an advocacy for me. What we do as an individual has an impact not only on the society but to the environment as well. We interact with people and the environment so that what we do with one has an effect on the other.

Biking has become a way of life for me. This reduces my carbon footprint.

Carbon Footprint is a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of green house gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide.

We use energy for every activity we pursue, and I don’t mean the physical energy we use when we move our bodies. Our use of equipment and tools entails consumption of energy and production of some known and unknown byproducts. These are what carbon footprint measures. Everyone of us has our own carbon footprint. And this is what impacts our relationships, in the society and in the environment.

metrosmog 3Driving our cars daily consumes precious and limited fuel resources and produces harmful gases that contributes to pollution. Taking the plane to go somewhere far does too, as cooking food and taking a bath. Ultimately, each modern activity initiated by man needs fossil fuel in order to function. Water that comes out of the faucet has to be pumped, which uses electrical energy produced by methods that use burning oil to generate electricity. The shampoo we use to clean our hair is produced by equipments, which were manufactured using materials from the earth. Everything we have and use is a product of technologies using materials derived from the environment, and as such have carbon in it. This is what carbon footprint is all about.

But come to think of it, even the bike I use and all its components have carbon in them too. So even as a biker I am not really outside of this carbon footprint thingy. However, as it is unavoidable, I have a very small carbon footprint. And I enjoin everyone to have the same.

metrosmog 1Have you ever seen Metro Manila from an elevated vantage point? I was in mountainous Montalban last Saturday, May 11, 2007 and I was horrified by what I saw. That was not the first time though that I have seen the smog hovering above the city, but what caused me to wonder was the contrast it makes with the other surrounding cities. The sky above Montalban scarcely had smog while that of Metro Manila was brown/gray in places that you would wonder how those asthmatics can survive living there.

montalban quarry 2We burn carbon and we burn our future. We need to rethink how we plan to develop and still have sustainable source of energy. Do we need to destroy part of our environment so that we could be considered a developed country? Do we need to abuse our energy consumption to become a modern city?

metrosmog 2 montalban quarry





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