Furnitures out of old bike parts

Ever wonder how to dispose of those old and worn out bike parts? Here’s an idea: recycle!. This is not a new one of course, but with a bit of creativity and serendipity, you can create a new whole line of one-of-a-kind home furnishings. This is what bike furniture did.


Mismatched wheel sets, crooked handle bars, rusty seat posts, all of these can be converted to make chairs, tables, barstools and other curious accessories for daily living.

The old parts may have outlived their mountain biking usefulness, but certainly, with this new lease on life, those old parts may yet become part of our armchair biking adventures.

This could be a great Father’s Day gift to your biker dad, that is, if you could afford to import it.

Found through BoingBoing.

4 responses to “Furnitures out of old bike parts

  1. I actually tried to find some old bicycle parts to see if I can do something similar, but to my surprise, I didn’t find any old surplus bike parts that I could recycle. I looked at junkshops and asked other bike shops if they have second hand bike parts that I could use, but none, except for one, had anything for sale. What they have are small parts but not the one I wanted.
    Perhaps I didn’t look hard enough, but maybe I’ll try again in the future.

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