7 steps towards an energy saving [r]evolution

From Greenpeace International:

globalwarmingWe are on our way to becoming more aware of the crises that’s coming upon us. Climate change, worsening pollution in every major cities of the world, dwindling natural resources. All these and more are slowly affecting our lives. And if we choose not to do something now, our children will be the heirs to a wasteland that used to support the whole of humankind.

Greenpeace has initiated a challenge to the world: reduce our consumption of fossil fuels that lead to the alteration of global climate. The challenge is not only for governments, organizations and societies, but directed more to each of us as individuals.

When you sign up, Greenpeace will send you 7 challenges over 7 weeks. Each challenge will be something anyone can do, and comes with detailed advice (plus a chance to share your own ideas). They will also let you know about other ways you can help save our planet.

We want to know…

You can help us with your opinions: we’ve put together 15 questions to get a sense of what you, our active supporters, think about climate change and Greenpeace’s role in fighting it. A few minutes of your time answering these 15 questions could help a lot!

“Everyone’s talking about climate change. You’re doing something about it.

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