In the Spotlight

To be in one is to get all the attention from all the people present, witnessing an event unfolding before their eyes, scrutinizing, labeling, digging into the life of the one in the spotlight. Would anyone deliberately put himself/herself in such a situation? I guess, we all have a streak of masochism in us, however remote or seemingly untraceable.

Now I am in such a situation, courtesy of bluepanjeet, who has taken it upon himself to tag and expose my inner thoughts to bloggers around the world. Am I willing to subject myself to your scrutinizing, labeling, and digging into my life, outside the biking world I have created for myself? I guess yes is my answer, just once, for this purpose.

Rules of the meme:

1. Create a post and entitle it “In the Spotlight”, just like this one.

2. Remember the culprit who tagged you and link back to him/her.

3. An important reminder: don’t just copy and paste these instructions, go and create your own. Why? Here is the explanation.

4. From the list of questions here, choose only those you feel would do justice to you as a writer.

5. Tag at least 5 people you want to make famous and put in the spotlight.

Here are the questions I chose to answer:

What makes your blog unique?

How I wish it was unique, in the sense that no other blog covers the same topic as I do. There are lots of cycling blogs in general out there, and lots of blogs dealing with bike to work, in particular. But indeed my blog is unique, in the sense that everything in it, except some of the announcements from other blogs that I posted of course, are personal experiences and thus, not duplicable by others. They are my unique take on the world of cycling and biking to work. They are like snapshots of everyday life, preserved in my pages, ready to be shared with others.

When did you start blogging?

I wanted to start blogging early last year. In fact, I started one in geocities, but after two posts, I lost interest. This one that I have now was started March 2007 ( I had to look at my blog’s archives to be certain).

Is this your first meme?

Not the first, per se. I created one but only as a personal note for myself. I did not do an open invitation nor tagged anyone to respond to it, although bluepanjeet, in his goodness, posted a comment on that post. And since he has tagged me for this one, I am doing this now. But, yes, this is my first.

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?

My blog deals with biking advocacy, my experiences as a bike to work dude. I hope to show and make other people understand that biking is not a lowly form of transportation, that it is a noble way to move around the city. It is also my own way of contributing to the solution to stop environmental degradation instead of being part of the problem.

If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you want to have with you?

My bike, a bike pump, and a repair kit to fix the bike. Sounds like I am obsessed with biking, right?

Are you a spiritual person?

Do you mean if I think about my Creator, my Savior, the Spirit that guides my faith? In this sense, yes I am a spiritual person.

Here are the people I want to put into the spotlight:


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