The Busycle: Bus-Size Recumbent Bike

The busycle is certainly one of a kind, but to ride it, you need to have lots of buddies.

It runs of course using pedal power. It may be kind of hard to use in the streets of Metro Manila though, as the heat will certainly affect you because of the slow speed it attains, unlike ordinary bikes where you get the benefit of the wind flowing against your entire body thus cooling you down.

It should be so much fun riding/pedaling and being seen in one.



5 responses to “The Busycle: Bus-Size Recumbent Bike

  1. YUng isa supposed to be personal blog about biking, this one news about biking from around the world. kita mo nga pakkonti konti lang ang post ko dito, mas marami sa kabila.hehehehe o hihihihihi o mwahahahahaha

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