World Car Free Day Ride

Start: Sep 19, ’09
Location: Around Metro Manila
Hey, Metro Manila… get out of your cars and get on your bikes. We’re celebrating World Car-free Day Ride (WCFD Ride) on September 19!

start/end: Tiendesitas, Pasig

assembly time: 2..30-3.00pm

ride out: 3.30pm

pace: 12-18kph

route: Metro Manila (Tiedesitas – Pasig – Marikina – Tiendesitas)

distance: 30km

riding skill level: newbie (na malakas ang loob) to intermediate

age: open to all ages
(children below 18yrs old, must be accompanied by a biking parent)

We’re going through traffic…. lots!

registration: free

You can also buy our special edition “Explore your city on a bicycle” Firefly Brigade AdvocacyTee( P250.00) onsite on the 19th, come early…. limited supply.

Get your tee also @ the Firefly Brigade t-shirt and bikestuff sale
on September 13, Sunday, 8am to 2pm.
169 Kamias road corner Langka, Quezon City, 386-3926.

See details in a separate post (calendar, september 13)

Must bring : Raingear and blinkers for night and rain riding, water, snackbars, extra moolah for your after ride snacks

No helmet, No Ride!

Please feel free to stay after the ride and join us for after-ride kwentuhan at Tiendesitas.

Check out the new bikeshop there…

Share your thoughts about your WCFD ride experience.

Find out about latest scoops about the forthcoming October Ride with Ms. Earth, November Clean Air Ride and the Christmas Ride in December.

Let’s enjoy the music from the regular saturday bands at Tiendesitas. ..

Dutch (KKB) Dinner!

Please wear any of your Tour of the Fireflies jersey/t-shirts or your bike statement t-shirts..


If you’re in the city of Pines, please check out details for the
Sept 19 World Car-free Day Ride in Baguio being organized by Bliss Cafe –

WCFD Background

Every September 22, people from around the world get together in the streets, intersections, and neighborhood blocks

to remind the world that we don’t have to accept our car-dominated society.

We do not want just one day of celebration and then a return to “normal” life. When people get out of their cars, they should stay out of their cars.

It is up to us, it is up to our cities, and our governments to help create permanent change to benefit pedestrians, cyclists, and other people who do not drive cars.

Let World Carfree Day be a showcase for just how our cities might look like, feel like, and sound like without cars…365 days a year.

As the climate heats up, World Carfree Day is the perfect time to take the heat off the planet, and put it on city planners and politicians

to give priority to cycling, walking and public transport, instead of to the automobile. – http://www.worldcar wcfd/

Some cities have WCFD week-long celebrations and some cities celebrate the weekend before the 22nd. We’re celebrating ours on September 19,

leave your cars at home…. let’s bike!


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