Bike Parking – An Incident at Eastwood City

I got this from the Firefly Brigade yahoo group.  I am reposting this here in the hope that the people concerned will take action, especially the Quezon City government under the new mayor, and the Eastwood City people.

From: <>
Subject: Raising a complain about bicycle parking


Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2010, 1:32 PM

To: The local Government, Quezon City

I am a supporter of clean air initiative and for that reason (whenever it is not raining) I ride my bicycle from home to office ( Eastwood City , Libis , QC ) to home everyday. Before, Eastwood (Libis, Q.C)  used to have a free public bicycle parking but then they removed it last year and after allowed most of the bicycle riding employees to park at the basement of their office building. Just recently, the building where I am working (Technoplaza 1) do not allow parking of bicycle at the basement. I have heard that this is the case for all building in Eastwood. So it is becoming a big problem for us who rides bicycle everyday.

Just recently, an extreme incident happened where in one of the EZRA employee who parked his bicycle in the International Centre of Information Technology Education building (ICITE Bldg)  of Orchard Rd, Eastwood, Libis QC, just found out that when he was about to go home, the bicycle’s wheel was removed by the roaming guard as per adviced by the building engineer of ICITE Bldg. This is not the proper way of doing things, the building engineer should have informed the person first before destroying the bicycle. The bicycle on the first place did not obstruct anything.

How do we raise complaints against those building engineer in Eastwood who are clearly exercising discrimination to bicycle riders? Is there a way we could pressure them to provide free bicycle parking? I know that part of the ASEAN countries mandate for clean air initiative is promote bicycle riding in urban areas but I do not know of a specific law here in the Philippines that could help me in pressuring them to provide free bicycle parking areas in Eastwood (Libis, Q.C.). I know Marikina City is really supportive of this clean air initiative by providing bike lanes and free public bicycle parking. It is really becoming a problem for us who rides bicycle here. Any help or guide you can provide would really help.

Since it is part of the local government’s Environmental And Natural Resources Office duties (as per Clean Air Act of 1999) “to take the lead in all efforts concerning air quality protection and rehabilitation”, shouldn’t the local government of Quezon City make initiatives to require public bicycle parking in public establishments like for this case in Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City?


Edgardo B. Fabian

Technical Lead Engineer
Embedded Computing
Emerson Network Power
T: +632 995 4000 loc 5367
Email: edgardo.fabian@

You can help by forwarding this to the people you know can help us in our clean air advocacy, or repost this in your Facebook or Twitter account.

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