Araw ng Siklista – November 7, 2010

We were unloading the bikes from the bike rack...

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Araw ng Siklista

A bike caravan that will cover the 17 cities of Metro Manila will be held on November 7, 2010 Sunday.  This event is FREE, meaning there will be no registration fee to be collected from the participants. However they must register and sign in at the registration and waiver form (to be provided) before joining this historic event. But making it a free event doesn’t mean everything goes. There are rules and details that must be strictly followed to make this event an exemplar of a disciplined, safe, fun and successful bike ride.

Objectives of the Araw ng Siklista:

1.    To gather the widest number of metro manila bikers (w/ club or group affiliation or w/o) to ride as one in petitioning local governments (Mayor & city councils) for biker-healthy (clean air)and bike-safe pathways & streets.

2.    To pay recognition & respect to all bikers of all sex, age, any social strata & political belief, who pursue biking  on a daily or leisure  basis, risking life & limb to promote biking  as sustainable mode of transport as a way out of   the polluted & traffic congested streets  of the metro.

3.    To showcase biking as a fun, healthy, environmentally-sustainable mode of transpo; bikers’ conscious of & following road regulations, and the safety & concern for fellow bikers, pedestrians other users (including motorists) of metro    streets.

4.    To hand the  petition to Mayors & Councilors when the bikers visit their city halls.

We will be sharing the road with other cyclists plus motorized vehicles and pedestrians. THIS IS NOT A RACE, IT IS A DAY OF, BY & FOR CYCLISTS.   Let’s make safety our top priority.

Click here for the complete route and timetable.

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