Slogans I’d Like to See on Bikes

I just found these witty bike slogans.

Don’t Honk, I’m Pedaling As Fast As I Can

Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive

Get A Life – Get A Bike

Get There On Time, Ride A Bike

Honk If You Are Polluting The Planet

I Could Be Your Doctor, Neighbor, Friend

I’m In Touch With My Inner-Cyclist

Keep Driving Cars and We’ll Keep Fighting Wars for Oil

My Bike Takes Me Places That School Never Could

Put The Fun Between Your Legs

Thank You For Sharing Our Roads

When You Commute, Don’t Pollute

Work To Eat, Eat To Live, Live To Bike, Bike To Work

Your Bum Looks Better On A Bike

Source: Cycle Santa Monica

Can you come up with your own slogans?  I’m not a slogan writer so it’d be hard for me to come up with one or two.


7 responses to “Slogans I’d Like to See on Bikes

  1. God put me on this earth to be a rider,
    I ride on this road to be a survivor,
    I’m a cyclist not a driver,
    I ride it all the way to Jamaica and china

  2. I say that your rhymes do not make sense.
    Please use proper english when creating a slogan.
    Thus you are creating a negative tone onto the product.
    Causing others to dis-respect the pure holiness of your bikes.

    Funkadelik Monkadelik:)

  3. @Funkadelik Monkadelik @surbesh, Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. Did you happen to click on the source link and read the original post where I got it? I think you should also write the same comment on that site. Thanks again!

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