Tips for Bike Commuters Who Becomes Involved in a Road Accidents

An unfortunate and sad incident happened to a lady bike commuter last November 13 at Club Filipino Ave cor Ortigas Avenue.  She was bumped from behind by a car who didn’t even stop to see if she was OK.  She suffered minor scratches but everybody is glad she is OK.  She was able to eventually  track who the culprit was but as of now, he hasn’t responded to summons from the police.

This type of incident is not really common but when it happens, it is the biker who is always on the losing end, whether he or she was in the right place or not.  In this incident, the lady bike commuter was waiting for the green light in an intersection when the impatient driver of the car behind he accelerated and hit her.  Fortunately for her, she was with other fellow bike commuters who helped her.  One of them,  also a blogger helped her go to the hospital and file a complaint  with the police in San Juan.  She talked with the police who was kind enough to give tips on what to do if a biker becomes involved in a road accident.

I’m re-posting below the tips she posted in her own blog.

1. Note down the Plate Number of the car. My friend had the presence of mind to text me the Plate Number right away lest she forgets. However, she couldn’t recall the make and model of the car. Fortunately, in the Philippines, you can text a vehicles’ plate number to 2600 (LTOVEHICLEPLATE Number) and the Land Transportation Office will send you the make and model of the vehicle.

2. Report the incident right away. We were able to report the incident 2 hours after it happened. The inspector said that we should have done it right away because there’s a big chance that the vehicle can still be caught. They usually radio all enforcers in the area to watch out for the vehicle. You may also call 117 or text2920 as soon as it happens.

3. Call a friend. If you were alone when the accident happened, try to call someone to accompany you through the whole process.

4. Regardless how minor your injury is, go to a hospital for a “medico legal” or an official medical certificate. The inspector told us that they know of bikers who underestimated their injury and end up either losing consciousness or experiencing worse symptoms later on because they did not have a doctor examine them. This record is also crucial if you want to file a case against the driver. If you were injured because of the accident, the case becomes “reckless imprudence resulting to physical injury and damage to property” instead of just the latter.

5. Before bringing your bike to the shop, bring it to the police station. The inspector needs to see the damage to your bike in order to accomplish their report. Take pictures as well.

6. Keep calm. There are many incidents that has grown far worse because of flaring tempers. In accidents, calmer heads rule because you can think straight and have a better grasp of the situation.

A lot of bikers don’t even bother filing a report because it seems like a futile case to pursue. But we have to do this so that more legislation can be passed to protect more bikers, more bike lanes be made available and graver penalties be given to car drivers who hit cyclists in the street.


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