Firefly Brigade 5th Annual Christmas Gift-Giving Ride

Have a meaningful and non-traditional bicycle ride around the city.

Ride the 5th Annual Firefly Brigade Christmas Gift-giving Ride.

December 18, Saturday

Each year for the past four years, we go around Metro Manila to give out lootbags to kariton families along our usual bike commute routes to school, work or errands.

Be a part of this annual yuletide CMR… no registration fees to be collected.

Registration 3-3.30pm

Assembly/Briefing 3.45pm

Ride Out 4pm

Lootbag-giving 4-6.30pm


Requirements for joining the ride:

1) Physically able to carry at least two lootbags in your own backpack for the duration of the ride (In case of back problems, you can be our candy man or woman… carry candies for giving away to kids, street families, traffic enforcers, takatak boys/girls and bystanders)

2) Contribute two lootbags (more if you like!) for the ride

3) Wear a Xmas Costume or have a Xmas accent on your bicycle…

4) If under 18 years of age, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

5) Must have blinkers, wear a helmet (if not wearing a santa hat), enough water for the ride

6) Exchange Gift for Xmas Dinner (must be a pre-owned item, see details below)

One (1) Lootbag must contain at least:

1.5kg – 2kgs rice 2 Foil Packs of Sardines or canned goods 2 Mami Packs

Other Add ons (Optional, not required) New/pre-owned t-shirt Laundry soap (wrapped in newspaper or new/pre-owned t-shirt) Towel, Blanket, Candies, Crackers, Slippers, Toys

You may also donate in bulk any of the following, we’ll pack it for you! Cash, Rice Packs, Rice Cavans, Canned Goods, Candies, Soap, Mami, Pre-owned shirts big enough for wrapping loot in

We will accept goods at Firefly Brigade’s Headquarters ( 169 Kamias Road near corner Langka St. , Kamias , QC 022194985 / 9220368 / 09179237334) until December 17, 7pm. Drop-off times are from 1-7pm only. You may also come early on ride day to help pack last minute donations.

Please join the Firefly Brigade Christmas Dinner after the Ride! Please bring 1 gift (recycled or something pre-owned from your home, or if brand new, priced under P50).

Please repost and and spread the word. BTW- Here’s a link to some photos from last year’s ride. 😉 kRx 😉 09063682009

Share-a-Gift Ride for Christmas!


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