PNoy Takes Up Biking

Aquino resolved to do more; takes up biking

By Norman Bordadora Philippine Daily Inquirer,,
Radyo Inquirer First Posted 11:43:00 12/30/2010
Filed Under: Benigno Aquino III, Biking, Health, Government

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE) Saying he wants to be healthy to do more than what he has done the past six months as the country’s Chief Executive, President Benigno Aquino III bared his New Year’s resolution on Rizal Day. Aquino, 50, whose known sport is practical shooting, told reporters he wants to pedal away in 2011.

“I hope we can still do more than what we have been doing. I hope we can have that strength to do so. To that extent, we will have a regular exercise regimen. I’m taking up biking,” Aquino said in an interview near Dr. Jose Rizal’s monument. The President announced his resolution after leading the flag-raising and wreath-laying rites to commemorate the 114th death anniversary of the national hero. Aquino said he would spend New Year’s Eve and 2011’s first weekend going through state documents, including yearend reports of the various departments.

“The first plan is to go through the huge backlog of documents that I have to read. These were even increased by the yearend reports that have been submitted and I am paying attention to them,” he said. “I want to go through them one by one.” Mr. Aquino said the documents that he has to read were more than a foot thick. “I want to go through at least two-thirds of so we can act on what needs to be acted on…. I wish I could have a little peace and quiet so I can catch up on my backlog,” he said.

The President is preparing for a yearend report although he said he was mandated to face the country for an accounting of the administration’s accomplishments in his state of the nation address whenever Congress opens its session in the middle of the year.

“Let me just finish all these that I have to go through because I don’t want to be overwhelmed,” Aquino said. The President led government officials in the ceremonies that the National Historical Commission organized. The rites also included the unveiling of the Rizal@150 logo that marks Rizal’s 150th birth anniversary on June 19.


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