Bike to Change Your Life

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Climate change, air pollution, and obesity can all be reduced by biking more. Why not start today? – Planet Green


2 responses to “Bike to Change Your Life

  1. I want to bike to work from fort area to makati. Any tips? Will need to cross EDSA, and that’s terrifying. It would be so much better if we had bike lanes but I don’t want to wait for that.

    • Hi Marraforbikelanes,
      I always bike on the side streets whenever possible. Although I agree with you na it’s terrifying to cross EDSA, siguro you could just get off the bike and cross using the pedestrian lane on foot. I think matatagalan pa na magkaroon ng proper bike lanes dito but the Firefly Brigade is working on that. Let’s hope that the right government agency will listen to all bikers who are clamoring for bike lanes!

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