Steve Jobs and the Bicycle

I just read an article which said that Steve Jobs, for some time, considered calling the Mac “the bicycle”, and that the Ipad and Iphone’s developer thought of computers as “bicycle for the mind.” I have never read the words “bicycle” and “computer” written together in one sentence and I just couldn’t believe that Jobs had a great appreciation of what bicycles can do. A bicycle, even the latest ones today, is to what computers were in the early days. A bike is a slow human-powered machine but it gets you where you need to go even if you don’t have any money in your pocket. The Mac and other digital products that Jobs created is anything but slow and it gets your work done. We can only compare bikes and computers in terms of efficiency and getting the job done but it is all that matters after all. The bicycle’s mechanisms have been described as the most efficient means of transforming human energy to kinetic energy and it is one of the most useful of all inventions. The computer on the other hand, revolutionized almost all of our endeavors, from human reproduction to space travel, and from saving lives in the operating room to pinpointing and destroying enemy encampments by means of smart, computer guided rockets.

Bicycles and computers can do things for each other.  Bikes can be used to run generators that can charge the batteries that power computers.  Computers can be used to design more new bike configurations that can harness human pedal power more efficiently.   Bikes can bring people where no motorized transport can go; computers can enlighten our minds and bring to us the places where we can’t go physically.

If this is a tribute to Jobs, then perhaps it is already too late.  But for me, Jobs has paid a tribute to bicycles with the products that he has given to the world, and this is a great deal for me.  I may not be using a Mac for my work and for this blog, and up to now, I have never owned an Iphone or an Ipad, and maybe I will never have one because the truth is, I can hardly afford one.  But I just like to put in my two cents worth of opinion regarding Jobs.  Enjoy bicycling!

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