14th Tour of the Fireflies 2012

Sorry, folks, the date has been changed. Please wait for further exciting news and developments in the Tour!


49 responses to “14th Tour of the Fireflies 2012

    • Hi Pjay,
      I hope you are doing ok. You can go to any of our registration centers. I will post the list as soon as it becomes available. See you at the next Tour of the Fireflies!

    • Hello Jobonaz,
      We are still finalizing the list of venues for the registration. In the meantime, we are still looking for volunteer tour marshals. If you and your friends are interested, please go to Tiendesitas this coming Sunday, Feb 5 at 6:30 am for orientation and route familiarization ride.

    • Yup Emerson, although OK lang din kung hindi. Ang importante, mag-enjoy ang lahat ng riders! The Fireflies are now preparing for some really awesome changes for the 14th Tour of the Fireflies this year, so please wait for more surprises…

  1. if ever, this will be my first Tour of the Fireflies and am really excited…am a newbie so am not expecting to bike the whole course. most likely, be at the starting point then ride off to the end part (middle age, first time on the bike, hehehehehe). Where can I and my hubby sign up for this year’s tour?

    • Hi Eve,
      The ToF is usually around 40 kms only. It can be completed in less than 4 hours even by newbies like you. I shall be posting the registration venues when they become available although as I posted in an update of the ToF, the Fireflies are preparing for many big changes in the Tour. The wait will be well worth it, I assure you!
      In the meantime, you can read about our other rides in our Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/FireflyBrigade/

  2. excuse me po, i just want to ask for all the bike enthusiasts, ano po ang magandang bike na bilhin? i mean ideal bike po? salamat po 🙂 for reporting lang 🙂 i would surely join this event 🙂

    • Hi Ronaldo,
      Sorry if I’m not able to provide you the information you want at this moment. We are still at the planning stage and preparing for a much more exciting Tour of the Fireflies this year.

  3. ^ inal date na po ba yung September 16?
    what if umulan? tuloy pa din po yan? kasabay kasi ng leg 3 ng run united e, hehe. When po start ng registration or if ever nagstart na, san yung registration sites and since this will be my 1st time, usually how much yung binabayran to register?
    thank you

    • Hello anyadrea,
      Yup, final na yun as of now! Hindi pa naman nagstart yung registration. We are still preparing the venues and starting date of registration. I will post them here when they become available. Usually 50php ang reg fee. Kung gusto mo ng jersey, you can buy one for 250php if I am not
      mistaken. With purchase of a jersey, waved na yung reg fee. Many first timers become hooked forever and join the ToF every year. Sana ganun ka din. Good luck and see you there!

      • sana po, btw, dun sa tof do we have to wear helmets or pwedeng optional lang po? yung bilihan ng jersey dun na rin po ba sa registration site?
        thank you. buti talaga na move yung date

      • Hi Anyadrea,
        Everyone who rides in the ToF must wear helmets, it’s for their own protection! Yes, you can usually buy the jersey right there at the registration center. There were lots of factors that we considered kaya na move yung final date. Please join the monthly CMRs posted in our facebook page so you can learn more about the Tour of the Fireflies and the Firefly Brigade.

  4. April parin po ba ung T O F and ung starting point nung tour Tiendesitas parin po? kasi madami po ako kasama sa tour eh nag invite ako ng mga friends ko.

    • Hello Red,
      The Tour of the Fireflies has been moved to September 16, 2012. It will still start sa Tiendesitas and hopefully, ganun kadami pa o mas marami pa ang sasama sa Tour sa bagong date nito. You have lots of time to invite more of your friends.

  5. Kelan ang Tour? Saan puede magregister? Puede ba i-download ang registration form? Saan makakadownload ng registration form?

    • Hi Tom,
      This year’s Tour of the Fireflies has been moved to September 16, 2012. Basta visit ka lang from time to time for more updates regarding registration.

  6. hi po..since nag start ang tof.alam ko lagi to ginaganap ng april….at 2008 p ako nagsimula mag join dito.bkit po na move ng september 16.tag ulan n po un at may bagyo p minsan.panu kung umulan?eric…..

    • Hello Eric,
      Maraming dahilan kasi 🙂 But rest assured that all changes are for the best ng ToF. LEt’s just pray na hindi tayo ulanin on that day!

  7. i miss t.o.f. for 4 straight yrs. because of my work, i miss it so much ,hope the whells of my bike will roll this sept,and hope to see more fireflies this sept.na kakabitin kayo ha,ha,ha,ha, see you!!!!!….

    • Hello Angelito,
      Sigurado mas maraming fireflies na makikita ka this coming September for the ToF! Sana nga makasali ka this year…

  8. good day po..may design n po b n jersey para sa 14th tour of the firefflies?puede po b ito makita?..thank you..eric

    • Hi Rico, meron ng design ang jersey, kaya lang hindi pa ito final and approved for production. I’ll try to get a picture of it and post it here.

  9. Hello sir…. I was fortunate to join the April CMR… my first time and I enjoyed it…now Ive invited my friends o join me as well in the monthly CMR.. so please with that said can you give me info on the next CMR this may.. regarding the time, starting venue, and route so I can relay it to my group.. so they can fix thier sched.. as always thanks.. see u soon

    • Hi Ronaldo,
      Congrats on your first CMR! I’m glad that you enjoyed it and invited your friends to join our monthly CMRs. I will post the details of the next ones as soon as they become available. Tnx again!

  10. before po me and my friends joined the TOF we used bmx bicycle..ask ko lng po kung allowed pa din po ang bmx without helmets????thanks po.

    • HI Wilson, allowed lahat ng klaseng bike basta ang strictly required lang ay naka helmet and bikers!

  11. any updates po sa ToF? I’m unable to access my fb page, may virus ata. Dito nyo po ba i-aannounce where and when to register?

    • Hi Ana, yes I will announce here in my blog when and where you can start to register. Kaya lang wala pa akong info regarding this as of now. Sorry to hear about your fb account, sana maayos mo na kaagad.

  12. ayos sa sept pa pala. kaya pala tahimik ang tof dahil wala. akala tapos na. ano gamit na bike pag marshal ka, mine is a racer type.

  13. updates po? medyo malapit-lapit na pala to. kaso tuloy po ba to kahit umuulan?
    sana mamove para makatakbo rin ako sa ru3, hehe

    • Hello Anya! Malapit na malapit na ang official announcement.  I will post it once I get the go signal.  

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  14. Hi there, I am soooo excited to join this year! My first was 2011 and I thoroughly enjoyed the excitement, although myself just being an leisure biker, the trail was manageable. the thrill of the moment is the best! And all those bikers on the road makes you so proud and happy to be part of it 🙂 Can’t wait for your announcements, Sir Pixelus! 🙂

  15. Hello, i really want to join the 2012 firefly tour on sept 16, b9ut i do not know how or where to register. Hoping you could send details thru my email. Thanks very much! 🙂


    • Hi Rommel,
      We have a very important announcement regarding this year’s Tour of the Fireflies. Please read the post about this here.

  16. sir is the date now final? first time ko sana to join the tour with my wife and our eldest son but November 18 will coincide with the Earthfest 2012. i know both event have the same noble intention, though one have a fee, but will it not divide some of the biking community especially those coming from the south?

    • Hi Jong, I will try get more information directly from the FFB president regarding your concern, which I believe deserves looking into. Wala kasi ako dun sa meeting when the decision to move the date was made. I will post more details here as soon as I get them.

    • Sorry for the late reply. Meron pong registration fee but we consider it as donation. I will post the details later.

    • hello christine, tuloy na tuloy ang tour of the fireflies on november 18. please see my latest post for more details. tnx, and see you there!

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