14th Tour of the Fireflies 2012 – Important Update

Watch out for BIG CHANGES this year in

The 14th Tour of the Fireflies!

Theme for this year’s tour –

B.E.S.T – Bicycles for Environmentally Sustainable Transportation



5:30 AM



please read this POST for more information


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11 responses to “14th Tour of the Fireflies 2012 – Important Update

    • Hi po Dr. Lems,
      I will be posting the registration details as they become available in the months to come before Sept 16. I hope you don’t lose your interest and enthusiasm to join this year’s ToF kahit na nabago ang date! In the meantime I suggest you join our monthly CMRs which we hold every 3rd Sunday of the month. Please see details in our Facebook page.

    • You’re most probably right, and September indeed is a rainy month. There were lots of things to consider before the decision to postpone the ToF was made but we all hope it is for the best! Sayang talaga kapag umulan at hindi makasali ang mga bata or even some of the adults…

  1. Sir, sobrang inet last april. kaya ba na i-move ng sept? la lang. theory ko lang. hehe. thanks! kala ko walang tour of the fireflies ngayon. 🙂

    • Hi Ryan, hindi lang dahil sa mainit, kundi maraming dahilan pa. We’re hoping that changing the date will bring more good things for us all!

  2. Hello! My husband – a British national and i is into cycling now just so we have an activity that we can do together and we both found it really great! We just recently joined the Bike for Mother Earth last sunday. We’re both in our 50’s now and i am just wondering if we can join this coming sept? Someone told us that it’s gonna be hard but we still both want to try it..

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