A Mini Concert + Fund-raiser for the Benefit of Baby Eric Mikael!

I’m posting this on behalf of a very dear friend and fellow Firefly:

Dearest Family and Friends,

Last July 29, 2012 my daughter Aneka gave birth to twin boys. Unfortunately one of her babies did not make it due to ‘Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome’ (TTTS). This means that one of the twins had transfused too much blood to his brother, causing an overload and making his heart go into cardiac arrest.

The surviving twin, whom Aneka named Eric Mikael, also suffered a stroke during the time of death of his twin (Juanito Rafael) and is now at the Neo-natal ICU of St. Luke’s. He has been there since July 29, undergoing several tests, having lab work done, scans, ultrasounds and is currently running up a tremendous hospital bill. As of August 19, Mikael’s running bill is already at Php 440,000. There is still no definite date for his discharge.

We are putting together our funds however it is not enough. For this reason, we have asked some of our very good friends to perform in a fund-raising mini concert wherein the proceeds will be used to fund Mikael’s growing hospital bill.

CHEERS for MIKAEL is a faith and LOVE-filled concert because our artist friends (Baihana, Eric Antonio, Pia Acevedo, Chicoy Pura of The Jerks, and more) have agreed to waive their professional fees. Please reserve Friday, August 31at 7:00pm – 9:30pm. Tentative venue for now is Leong Hall, at the Ateneo de Manila University. We are already spreading the word about this event to be able to achieve our goal of raising enough funds by the end of August. Tickets are sold at 169 Kamias Rd. QC at P500/ticket.

Monetary donations would be deeply appreciated as well. You may deposit any amount directly into Aneka’s bank account. (Anna Francesca S. Crisostomo
BPI Savings Acct. 3329 0889 35)

PS: For those who would like to make online donations via Paypal:

Fund for Eric Mikael Crisostomo Tolosa




To Purchase Tickets for CHEERS for Mikael!
Please bring valid ID (i.e., driver’s license, student / faculty ID) to claim your ticket at the entrance of the concert. Make sure that the name you enter in the PayPal page is the same as the name appearing on your ID.

Welcome – PayPal

Please help us by supporting this endeavor, spreading word about this concert and by continuously praying for Mikael’s complete recovery.

Your presence at the concert would mean so much.
My heartfelt thanks in advance.

Much love,

Karen Crisostomo (aka LoKA short for Lola Karen or K-Lo -Kikay na Kakalokang Lola)



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