Sino Ako?

I bike to work daily three times a week (MWF) and on my way, I encounter a lot of different characters and situations. I have found myself in predicaments that perhaps, only luck and prayers helped me escape unscathed. And what started as a necessity for me has now become an advocacy. These are the stories of those encounters, and when I am lucky, their pictures too.

p1010031_small.jpgMetro Manila is decaying. Just like any modern city, it is in the constant process of reinventing itself in order to survive. But its dynamism is in overdrive and thus, exceeds the rate of fresh inputs that leads to self-renewal.

Metro Manila needs rescuing, just like any modern and suffocated city in the world. Yet only its residents can do it. Let us all be responsible.

These are my efforts towards that renewal.



9 responses to “Sino Ako?

  1. very nice site – simple, well written and uncluttered.

    I hope we can make the Phillippine a cycling destination. talo pa tayo ng Vietnam where they have their own cycling travel book written by LonelyPlanet (i think).

    We’ve done our share of travels. SOme of our travels are

    I plan taking a trip back home to do some travels and chronicle it. This way, maybe we can inspire other cyclists to do same. It’s been a while so I may need some help with logistics. Puede bang makahingi ng tulong with info from other cyclists ?

    Have borrowed some travel books in the Phil. Right now, my tentative itenirary would be to bus to Banaue with a bike, then explore the area on bike. Then maybe to Vigan to highlight our 300 yrs of Spanish occupation. Then maybe ride to an island where there are still small towns – say Mindoro?

    Promoting cycling in the Phil hopefully will benefit the economy esp the small guys like owners of small restaurants/lodgjng places etc.

    Salamat for any help

    J Gaerlan

  2. Thank you very much for your encouraging comments.
    I just saw the pictures you have of your travels. Kainggit naman. I have made some travels too to the USA, Spain and Italy but in those when I wasn’t thinking about my health and did not do any sports at all, least of all biking.
    I do hope you can come home and do some traveling on board your bike here. That would be so much fun.
    I have links to other bike sites and forums based in Manila listed in my other blog: You can go through them and post on the forums to ask for assistance. I’m sure a lot of them, including me of course would be more than willing to give you any assistance you might need. In particular, I would recommend the Pinoy Mountain Bikers, Philippine Cycling Network, and the Firefly Brigade. I am a member of these organizations too.
    You can also try to contact the author of He is a Filipino based in Sagada up north.
    It would be good for all of us to pool our resources to promote cycling in the Philippines. Please contact me whenever you need anything for your planned trip back here. The PMTB is most keen in welcoming any Filipino balikbayan biker with a welcome ride, anywhere you wish (within MM muna). And if you need a bike buddies for the trip, I’m sure you can pick up on or two. I may even join you, if my circumstances will permit.
    Keep in touch.

  3. hi there… stumbled upon here through mimi’s blogblast… i just wanna say that u have a very cool site! more power to you!

  4. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we’ll talk about it.


    Mandie Hayes

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